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The Plaid Dragonflies

The Plaid Dragonflies
04347 central Maine
Contact Person: Tess Zardus

Two years ago, Val Bennett and Tess Zardus started writing a series of songs together and quickly realized their musical connection would make a great duo.

The pair performed in the central Maine area as the “Val and Tess Duo,” but felt another name would better suit them as they started on their first CD.

The result: The Plaid Dragonflies – Val and Tess Duo

Val Bennett and Tess Zardus have joined forces to form The Plaid Dragonflies.

Both singer-songwriters feel the name is a great fit that represents their shared passion for music and life.

Val has been performing solo and with bands for many years. She started playing the guitar at age 10 and, along the way, discovered that she had talents for songwriting as well. She has recorded three albums, including “Sad Girl Songs” in 2000 that is filled with songs about love, lost love and growth, and finding her inspiration to record it after listening to the Joni Mitchell “Blue” album.

Tess had a musical interest from a very young age, writing poetry as early as grade school and taking up her first instrument, the violin, at age 8.

She studied music performance with an emphasis on vocal performance at Hastings College in Nebraska, and played with the NECC Jazz band and toured the Midwest while she worked on trumpet improvisation, keyboards and vocals.

Both women also performed in the all-girl Over EZ Band the last few years.

Tess sings lead vocals, backup vocals and plays bass in The Plaid Dragonflies, while Val sings lead vocals, backup vocals and plays acoustic guitar.

Their self-titled CD, “The Plaid Dragonflies” which was released in August, is an eclectic music compilation of country, blues, funk and soft rock.

Their good friend, Ian Parker, who passed away in February 2010, played an amazing few different electric guitar parts on all of the songs except, “Timeless Flight,” “Stained Glass Love,” and “Love Me Knots.”

You can follow their  happenings at:!/ThePlaidDragonflies

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